As women living in the Caribbean we get no help from fashion magazines, websites, Youtube videos, Instagram, the list goes on. We struggle eveyday, to find clothes to fit our body types, makeup for our complexion, a styles to suit us that are affordable.

Personally, I find it a complete waste of time to watch a video on how to wear a dress that balances my figure only to walk down the street and look either like “ah mad”, or “ketchin tail” when the breeze blowin’, or just plain impractical. Another waste of my time is all the expensive makeup I see bloggers using to create that “flawless” look only when I try it, the colours are off, or if I decide to actually buy the product I have to go online and wait weeks and end up paying three times the cost, oh, and the very “drugstore friendly” ones that are not available in any drugstore in Trinidad….lol

With the aforementioned being the tip of the iceberg, I decided to start a blog to create a community whereby the average girl/woman could relate to OUR woes, and together find solutions, bargains and just plain express our frustrations in this regard, this regard being, Makeup, Style, Health, Beauty, Home…….just about anything that may plague us.

Your feedback and genuine criticism is welcomed, along with any topic you may wish to discuss.

Please read on for my first official online Rant…..